Hover over to pause slide show "Dr. Cheri King is a treasure.  For almost 2 years, I visited multiple GI specialists and naturopaths for GI issues and malnutrition.  I have a complex medical history and have found most doctors can only “handle” one aspect of my health at a time.  I approached Dr. King and ZOWIE, what a difference in her approach!  She took the time needed to investigate and understand the underlying causes of my GI distress.  Instead of just handing out supplements to treat it, she carefully designed a treatment program tailored to address the underlying causes in order to prevent the issue from returning.  She did this in the most caring manner and was extremely sensitive to my budget restrictions.  All the while, keeping in mind my other health issues.  She treated me like a whole person, like a collaborator in my health and as a person who she believed could help heal.  Dr. King took the time to do research and was willing  to go beyond conventional treatment modalities to treat me and I believe this has saved my life."      


“I came to Dr. Cheri in February of 2015 hoping for a natural solution to the severe acne I had been struggling with for quite some time. Dr. Cheri took my lifelong health issues into consideration while treating me, I felt so heard and genuinely cared for by her during our sessions. The changes she recommended for me to implement have made an enormous difference in my skin and my overall health. In just 6 months my skin has completely healed itself, and it is very apparent to my loved ones and I that my skin was healed from the inside out. Who knew that compromised gut health could lead to cystic acne? I am very thankful to Dr. Cheri for treating my body with respect while utilizing her vast knowledge of healing, and for recognizing that the last thing I needed was another round of antibiotics.”


Hover over to pause slide show “Dr. King not only helped me in the process of healing my body but also allowed me to reflect and understand why I have these vague but profound symptoms, now known only by the sheer disappearance of them thru healing. Dr. Cheri is a true godsend.”


Dr. King gave me my life back, helping me to understand the lifestyle changes I needed to make in order to age gracefully and in a state of wellness!”

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