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My Story

I’m a Colorado native born in Denver and raised in Boulder since the age of 3. My family moved to the Niwot area when I was in junior high and I grew up in the countryside with a menagerie of animals and three siblings.  I graduated from Niwot High School and then attended the University of Colorado - School of Business. A couple of years after graduation I became a Certified Public Accountant and worked in the tax field for several years.

However, throughout my entire life, I never felt well and was in and out of doctors’ offices trying to find out why. Because my lab tests were always normal, no one could get to the bottom of my poor health. At 14 years old I was put on tranquilizers to calm the stress that my doctors believed was the culprit. At 26 I was diagnosed and treated for cancer.  At 31, I weighed 98 lbs, had constant cold sores, acne and rashes and my digestion was horrific.   Things would work for a time and I would get a little bit better but then worsen again.  I finally came to my wit's end and scheduled an appointment with a naturopathic doctor.

My health journey started that day and over time and with the help of many remarkable health care providers, I rebuilt my health. Eventually, I changed careers and became a naturopathic doctor so I could help others the way I had been helped. Without this medicine, I would likely be an autoimmune statistic or even be dead but instead, I feel better and am healthier now despite growing older.  I invite you to start feeling your best so you can live and enjoy the life of your dreams.

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